dReaMer's movement

 Someday not only will we solve our problems but help solve global challenges…..dReaMer’s dream

Platform for crazy, passionate and outliers. Together we will define the future, solve human problems and work for the world which is just and full of opportunities for all.
Your secret dreams can create dent in the universe  because the people who are crazy enough to think thay can change the world are the ones who do.


we have been working on some small projects for a while but now all students of Kashmir valley can use dReaMer’s platform for achieving their dreams. Whatever it is that you want to do, fill the form and surprise yourself with our response.

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Roads go ever on and on!

The way I envision future for millions across globe especially Kashmiris requires vast support in terms of support and network. Though very small as compared to what is required, thankfully  our contributors have surprised us with their support and help. I sincerely hope they will continue to support in broader possible ways and others who believe our mission at the core of which is “better future for all” may  join them.

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founder and Head 

In the history of human kind Whenever need arises, a few genius men, explorers and brave ones take the challenge and push the human race forward. Every day brings new challenges and new hope, my aim with this platform is to bring together leaders on every front of human endeavor who can tackle big problems and help create future leaders.
I  firmly believe that one of the highest motives of going through student phase should be to achieve enough courage and maybe necessary skill to take on real world problems.

Managing Team

  • Muzamil Hussein: Co-founder and financial affairs
  • Mohsin Abass: Human resource
  • Aadil Moosvi: Educational initiatives
  • Aqib Amin: Political wing and discussion forum

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For any information feel free to contact us

Email:  dreamersmovementkashmir@gmail.com, razviasif72@gmail.com

phone no.: 9682344854, 9682366790

Mail to: Ground floor innovative services, near Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Gulmarg Road Magam, Budgam    193401

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