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New year Resolutions: a personal anecdote

Twenty18  is over and ’19  is about to  start. This time around some of us reflect back on the year and think about our achievements and failures. while some are in a position to celebrate the new year in its full, others (like me) have no  or very less reasons to celebrate the ending of a large time unit  and an  opportunity (maybe) to spend the next one. Exactly a year ago, some of us had  plans (like me), popularly known as New Year resolutions, for 2018 but we fell short of expectations with whatever reasons.Does our failure mean we don’t celebrate new year’s eve as much as others, who succeeded to a greater extent  in 2018 and a vast majority which is free from such hallucinate-about-future instants, celebrate. It is definetely great to resolve at any point of time but new years eve is perfect for such a thing  

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  1. Looking forward to an amazing new year!

    1. you too buddy!

  2. Happy new year…keep dreaming

  3. Looking forward to an amazing new year!

    1. you too buddy!

  4. Happy new year…keep dreaming

  5. Mubarakh !

  6. Mubarakh !

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