dReaMer's movement

 Someday not only will we solve our problems but help solve global challenges…..dReaMer’s dream

Platform for crazy, passionate and outliers. Together we will define the future, solve human problems and work for the world that is just and full of opportunities for all.
Your secret dreams can create dent in the universe  because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.


Imagining unthinkable

Night sky makes us dream impossible Sun will rise and we will live those dreams


dReaMer’s movement is discussing the path ahead on 24th of this month. If you want to share with us something that you think can be of any value for us or anything individual project you want to work on this summer or any query please CONTACT US.

Entrepreneurial and other projects we are currently working on!!

Return after 24th of this month to know more.

(formerly Paradise Inc)

Entrepreneurial conglomerate aimed at producing best possible returns for lakhs of farmers through various means like organic farming and organic products, cash and medicinal crops etc. With over 70% population dependent on agriculture and an alarming increase unemployment, platform which creates profitable services and products is necessary.

Learning Centers for villages and towns

A vast number of students have no internet facilities and no computers. Since the internet learning can be effective in a state like ours where formal education system is complete waste. We will create learning centers where internet and computer facilities will be provided.

dReaMer's Scientific Library

In the Initial stage, our aim is to make as many books and research material available as possible. Unfortunately, if there is any existing library those are simply by name. We have already been allotted land for a good enough. Someday dReaMer's scientific library will be one of the finest libraries in the world.
In case you need any book that is not present in book shelf you can contact us and we will make that available for you.

Jk rti foundation YOUTH WING
Corruption has crippled the state and here lies the opportunity for youths to make our state corruption free. RTI foundation is doing good job in checking the corruption at some levels but much more needs to be done. Kashmir has suffered a lot on all fronts, do your part to heal those wounds; make state corruption free. We are also trying very hard to bring Accountability bill.
#no to corruption
#support accountability bill
#make RTI stronger
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Redefining primary education


One of the GREATEST problems Kashmir has is worst possible primary education for around 90% of kids. Even more painful is lack of attention towards this issue from all sections of our society. Though we have invited teachers, government officials and other civic bodies and stakeholders, we cordially invite you to join if you want to make any contribution to build everlasting solution to this extremely important issue.

Venue: Town hall, Magam:
Date: Sun 16th June, 2019
Timing: 2pm

*more details will follow after  24th May

Attend the workshop

0 to 1: defining future through innovations and creating

Building future involves new ideas, solving problems and new innovations. While we struggle with our identity at the moment, creating value in these difficult situations is the challenge. To discuss the need of entrepreneurship, optimal ways to start business for Kashmiris and role of government and educational institutions.

Venue: Amar singh college
Date:  24th & 25th June, 2019
Timing: 10am

*more details will follow after  24th May

A two day workshop on entrepreneurship

Innovative projects for high schoolers

Important thing is not to stop questioning

Our belief is simple- ignite the fire of curiosity within school students and the see the genius that follows. Work on some nerdy and  techy project or wanna write those beautiful poems or just do something and anything that keeps you awake at night.Follow your passion BUT remember to explore other areas for you never know what may change your passion.

*Summer internships page will be available after 24th May

10,000 books for dReaMer's bookshelf

Sometimes one book makes you travel tens of years

Hundreds of students benefit from our bookshelf. We create thirst and help quench it as both are needed in our society. Not only one of the best libraries in the world is our aim but also thereby produce generations after generations of thinkers, academicians and what not. Along the way Library will serve as the pillar of our journey.


Challenges in the way of peaceful solution to Kashmir issue

Violence has left scars that will take generations to heal. But important thing is to build foundations for ultimate solution so that in time this darkest night ends and we witness a beautiful sunrise someday.

*details will follow after 24th May

Discussion forum will meet multiple times this summer

Continued Mentorship and career counselling

Our increased network of volunteers will be conducting counselling sessions  aimed at inspiring and imbibing spirit of dreaming big and  how you can best achieve your goals and how can dReaMer’s platform help you to the fullest.

*details will follow after 24th May


founder and Head 

In the history of human kind Whenever need arises, a few genius men, explorers and brave ones take the challenge and push the human race forward. Every day brings new challenges and new hope, my aim with this platform is to bring together leaders on every front of human endeavor who can tackle big problems and help create future leaders.
I  firmly believe that one of the highest motives of going through student phase should be to achieve enough courage and maybe necessary skill to take on real world problems.

Managing Team

  • Muzamil Hussein: Co-founder and financial affairs
  • Mohsin Abass: Human resource
  • Aadil Moosvi: Educational initiatives
  • Aqib Amin: Political wing and discussion forum

Join the team

Roads go ever on and on!

The way I envision future for millions across globe especially Kashmiris requires vast support in terms of resources and network. Though very small as compared to what is required, thankfully  our contributors have surprised us with their support and help. I sincerely hope they will continue to support in broader possible ways and others who believe our mission at the core of which is “better future for all” may  join them.

We are grateful, thankful and equally excited that you considered use of mosque land for construction of dReaMer’s Scientific Library as important as the mosque itself.

Thanks again to mosque committee, Hagerpora 

We are very glad that a very large number of people whom we shared our idea with have been very supportive. We were surprised to see the kind of enthusiasm whenever we shared our vision. dReaMer’s movement needs resources to make sure each and every student is able to take advantage of platform and also to broaden our domain of activities. Please consider supporting us. 

Account name: Dreamers’ scientific library
Account Number: 0090040100103115
J&k Bank, Branch Magam 

Money donated is not jut spend on library but this time making books available for as many no. of students as possible is one of our top priority as there are so many students with less resources to buy books they want to study.

For any information feel free to contact us

Email:  dreamersmovementkashmir@gmail.com, razviasif72@gmail.com

phone no.: 9682344854, 9682366790

Mail to: Ground floor innovative services, near Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Gulmarg Road Magam, Budgam    193401

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