Some day not only will we be able to solve our problems but help solve global challenges ...............# #dReaMer's dream

                                                                                                                          from kashmir

Your secret Dreams

can make a dent in the universe

Becoz the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. Dreamer’s is a platform for such crazy people.

The change has begun!

There is some serene scent in the air that just keeps us awake. These sleepless nights are gonna lead us to something amazing.

Night sky makes us dream IMPOSSIBLE

sun will rise and we will live those dreams

Who are we?

We are impractical. 

We do not listen to those that doubt us. 

We push the boundaries.

We believe that nothing is impossible.

We rewrite the rules.

We create. 

We are boundless.

We are enchanted.

We are asleep to the waking world.

We are 


Some of the projects we are working on

These problems need solutions and dreamers not just day dream but come up with solutions and  prove the impossible 

Primary education

we consider the consider poor quality of primary education villages and towns of kashmir as one of our greatest challenges.

Innovative projects for high school students

Our belief is simple- ignite the fire of curiosity within school students and the see the genuis that follows. Work on some nerdy and  techy or wanna that write those beautiful poems or just do something and anything that keeps you awake at night.Follow your passion BUT remember to explore other areas for you never know what may change your passion.

important thing is not to stop questioning

They need a LEADER

The world needs leaders. Kashmir needs leaders. One with who is ready to sacrifice for others, who is ready to take on challenges not just local level but at global level

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